Coaxial Cables

Universal Coaxial Cables
Universal Coaxial Cables are used in low power video, video signal and broadcast signals. Our coaxial cables are widely used in sports stadiums, shopping centers, car parks, factories, warehouses and public areas. It is made from electrolytic grade solid annealed bar copper conductor and gas injected physical polyethylene foam emulation. The wire is wrapped with aluminum mylar tape and aluminum alloy braided jelly that helps in low attenuation with least structural return loss under extreme weather conditions and gives excellent signal quality giving clearer reception on higher bandwidth covering more than 100 channels.
Range:RG - 6, RG - 11, RG - 59 (Armoured & Unarmoured)
Application:High quality RG type coaxial cables. 75 ohms is suitable for many applications, including low power video, video signal and broadband signals.

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